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Now you control the way social networks work

The Social Web

The way we connect, communicate, and collaborate is dominated today by mega platforms. The Social Web is a new digital world that puts you in control — and your identity, friends and followers are yours to take with you wherever you go. It's the start of a coalition of apps brought together by the shared belief that people should control the way social works, not companies.

Developer Spotlight

MeWe is leading the migration to the Social Web with Frequency Access. Learn More

Glossary of Terms

  • Social Identity

    Your social Identity is like an online profile that you use to access the social web and to connect with others. The first step to building your social identity is to claim your unique Universal Handle now.

  • Universal Handles

    When you create your Social Identity, choose a name that's easy to read and consistent across all social web apps. This will help you find connections easily and make it easier for others to find you.

  • Frequency

    By leveraging the Frequency blockchain, apps can provide millions of people with the basic right to own their Social Identity and access to a robust Web3 feature set.


  • What is the "Social Web?"

    The Social Web is made up of apps that share the vision that people should control how their digital world works and transparent technology infrastructure that gives people this control. Today's web made it possible for large platforms to extract and pool humanity's data as a proprietary corporate asset, used to control nearly every aspect of our digital experience. The Social Web places people and human connection at the forefront, making it possible for people to take control of how their digital world works.

  • What is Frequency Access?

    Frequency Access is a cutting-edge service that empowers users to create and control their Social Identity for the Social Web. Once created, users can take their Universal Handle, follows and connections with people to any application that is on the Social Web. With this novel system, users are in complete control of their Social Identity without other companies owning and hosting their identity.

  • What is my "Social Identity"?

    Think of the Social Identity as a profile for how you access the internet and for others to connect with you. The first step to building your Social Identity is to claim your unique Universal Handle now.

  • What is my "Universal Handle" and why does it have a suffix?

    When creating your Social Identity, it's important to have a name that's easy to read and follows you to other apps that support the Social Web so that you can effortlessly navigate across apps, find connections easily and conveniently have others find you. We automatically append the suffix behind the scenes so that all users are able to claim the handle they want without having to append digits or characters on their own to make their handle unique. Don't worry, in many cases the suffix won't be displayed.

  • How does Frequency Access work?

    Built on top of the DSNP (Decentralized Social Network Protocol), Frequency Access integrates with Frequency which is a layer 1 parachain on Polkadot. As a user, when you create an account on Frequency Access, you are in control and own your Social Identity which at first, starts with a Universal Handle.

  • How do I give feedback?

    You can submit feedback to